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Glass beads for the weighted blankets are tiny beads. Micro glass beads are perfectly round, smooth, and move with ease. Glass beads are considered top quality and the most luxurious and quiet filler for weighted blankets. The glass beads are heavier than plastic pellets. Typically, fewer are needed to achieve the desired weight, producing the same effect of deep pressure touch and reducing stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions.


When people talk about the “grounding” sensation they get from a weighted blanket or wake up feeling less anxious and more well-rested, it could very likely be due to the effects of glass beads specifically, as they distribute much more evenly and smoothly throughout the blanket than other fillings, thereby wrapping you softly in a gentle, soothing hug. Because of their itty-bitty size, they are soft enough for people with physical sensitivities.

Glass Beads for Weighted Blanket Technical References

Appearance: Clean and transparent, no visible bubbles and impurity
Oil Absorption:18g oil/100g spheres
Bulk Density:95lbs/cu.ft (ASTM D-3101-78)
Hardness: 7 mol
Spherical spheres:>95%
SiO2 content:>70%

Glass Beads for Weighted Blanket Grades:

0.6-0.8mm 0.8-1.2mm 1-1.5mm (Particle Size in Micron)

Glass Beads for Weighted Blanket Weighted Features:
Glass material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, BPA free
Used to make weighted blankets, dolls, footbags, lap pads, reborn dolls, DIY medicine balls, plush toys & more. Not intended for bean bag chairs
Round shape, no burrs, more convenient to use
0.04” diameter, more delicate, smaller sound when in use
CHOKING HAZARD: Not for children under three years


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